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Performance Centre : Bike Fitting


*Mainland UK Only
Tel - 01747 825 757
Opening Hours
Mon. 8-5.30pm
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Wed. 8-5.30pm
Thurs. 8-5.30pm
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Sat. 8-5.00pm
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    If you enjoy cycling, whatever discipline, you want to be comfortable and efficient on the bike. Sometimes this enjoyment can be compromised by discomfort such as saddle sores, knee, neck and back pain; or an inability to improve your performance beyond a particular personal best. With a wealth of experience we can help you get the best out of your bike.

We regularly work with all ranges of ability, In the last two years we have fitted hundreds of cyclists with many outstanding results. Customers have included Kona World Championship Iron Man Competitor Lizzy Hutson, GB Sprint Triathlete Andrew Berry, local race hero’s and your everyday club cyclist.

“All are welcome and all are likely to benefit from and enjoy their fitting”

We are a specialist cycle trader offering a relaxed and value-for-money service. We can fit to your existing bike or bikes, and endeavor to explain the changes we make and the expected improvements.

Choosing the correct size bike is the first step to achieving a perfect fit. For many it is bewildering, leading to expensive mistakes. To complement the fitting service we offer a sizing service, so you are able to experience the bike and potential positions giving you peace of mind when you place your order.

Although primarily the service is designed for road and triathlon bikes, the fitting theories can be applied to all bikes including mountain and hybrid styles.

What happens in a Bike Fit:

- Pre fit interview

- Explore your goals and how you ride

- Your history of injury

  1. -Pre fit assessment

- Exploring your flexibility and biomechanics

- Body strength tests

- Foot structure analysis

- Stabilising your contact points

- Purposeful riding position

- Optimal Hip, Knee and Foot Alignment

  1. -Dynamic Pedaling Analysis

Performance Center Costs

Pro Fit with Analysis - £60 per hour + Parts

Ask about the anatomy of a Pro Bike Fit


Basic Fit  - £30 + Parts

(Free labour with any new adult bicycle)

Seat height and position adjustments with reach assessment.


Functional Threshold Heart Rate and Power Testing - £60.00


Shoe Fit and Setup - £30 + Parts

(Free with any new pair of shoes and cleats)


Bike Sizing Service - £30

(Can be redeemed against the purchase of any new bicycle)


Shimano Di2 Customisation and Tuning - £25.00


For further information, please contact Charles on 01747 825 757 to discuss your needs.

*prices are representative of labour per hour only, recommended parts are not included

Functional Threshold Heart Rate and Power Test:

Functional Threshold Heart Rate and Power Tests are essential for establishing your heart rate and power zones so you can train effectively. All participants receive a full print out and Analysis of there heart rate and power zones.

Spread the cost of YOUR NEW BIKE

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Aches and Pains on the Bike?

Check out the Performance Centre.

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